The logo of Stichting Hope for Tomorrow is inspired by and partly based on the work of Ms Cher Mattijssen. More information can be found on

Hope for tomorrow

Education is for life
Stichting Hope for Tomorrow supports voluntary organisations in helping provide disadvantaged children with one of life’s essential building blocks: an education in a caring environment. Hope for Tomorrow is active mainly in South America where it aims to build long-lasting partnerships with the organisations it supports.

A good beginning can lead to a better life
It is a sad fact of life that millions of children in many parts of the world are denied the chance of making a better life for themselves.

There can be no greater start in life for a child than having access to an education in a safe and sustainable environment, delivered with care and compassion by qualified teachers. This is among the most essential building blocks for giving a child the tools for a meaningful, healthy and happy life.

Stichting Hope for Tomorrow wants to make a difference.

How we help
Stichting Hope for Tomorrow carefully selects and supports financially a limited number of voluntary organisations, working in the area of educational and welfare programmes for disadvantaged children.

More information about the aims and policy of Stichting Hope for Tomorrow can be found on this website.